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Table of Contents

From the Founders:
The 20th Anniversary of the ICIE
֍ Taisir Subhi Yamin; Ken W. McCluskey  (7)
From the Editor’s Desk:
Cosmopolitan Education
Karen Magro  (15)
Extending Knowledge and Learning through the Prism of Cosmopolitan Education: International Perspectives
֍ Karen M. Magro; Ghada Sfeir  (17)
Cosmopolitanism or Multiculturalism? Towards an Anti-Colonial Reading
֍ George J. Sefa Dei [Nana Adudei Sefa Tweneboah]  (31)
Cosmopolitanism and Decolonization: Contradictory Perspectives on School Reform to Advance Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples
֍ Terry Wotherspoon; Emily Milne  (45)
Teaching Global Citizenship: A Teacher Reflects on a Learning-Teaching Event and Implications for Global Citizenship Education
֍ Lloyd Kornelsen  (59)
Diverse Insights Revealing Nuances of the Culture-High Ability Nexus: An Interdisciplinary Search
֍ Don Ambrose; Valerie K. Ambrose  (67)
Educating for a Cosmopolitan Ethos in Education: Adapting Expectations to Reality
֍ Roland S. Persson  (77)
On Intercultural Interactions
֍ Humam Bishara Ghassib  (87)
Pathways into Creativity and Place for Adult Learning: A Dialogue Between a Researcher and an Artist
֍ Stephanie Mason; Rachel de Condé   (97)
Thinking Relationally and Pedagogically about Commemoration: A Critical Inquiry into Charlottetown’s Macdonald Statue
֍ Kay Johnson   (111)
Travelling in a Cosmopolitan Milieu: An Intercultural Exchange of Two Artists as Educators in Conversation at a UK University
֍ Beverley Hayward   (123)
Teaching Spectacle: The Cultural Relevance of a Global Phenomenon
֍ Francisco LaRubia-Prado   (139)
Emergent Properties of an Art Talent Environment: An Empirical Study of Young Artists’ Experiences Within a Talent Development Program
֍ Jakob Nørlem; Nikolaj Stegeager   (151)
Developing Creative Teaching Skills in Pre-Service Teachers
֍ Rachel Simpson; Douglas Newton; Lynn Newton   (163)
What is [or Should be] the Pedagogy of Gifted Education Programs
֍ Joseph S. Renzulli   (197)
Film’s Transformative Potential with Gifted Adolescent Girls
֍ Julie Delgado   (193)
Referral, Identification, and Retention of Underrepresented Gifted Students
֍ Saana Hemingway   (205)
Neurodiversity is Human Diversity, an Equity Imperative for Education
֍ Colleen Dawson   (217)
Knowing What Works: Creating Circles of Courage
֍ Steve Van Bockern; Larry K. Brendtro; Martin Brokenleg   (231)
Making the Case for Cosmopolitan Pathways for Canada’s Diversity
֍ Ghada Sfeir   (241)
We are all Human Beings
֍ Helen Lepp Friesen   (257)
Asynchronous Posting and Reading both Reflect Communities of Inquiry
֍ Juss Kaur Magon; Bruce M. Shore   (267)
֍ Jack Naglieri               (305)
֍ Bruce M. Shore           (311)
֍ Kirsi Tirri                    (321)
Book Review:
Leadership for Flourishing in Educational Contexts
֍ Sandra Linke               (325)
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